The herbastat system is comprised of several sciences that independently have been known act as a herbal remedy for lyme disease and several auto immune deficiencies. All we have done at Herbastat is combined those sciences and put them all together in a blender.

First is your Nutrition
We at Herbastat believe the best way to fight Lyme is to boost your immune system.
The best way to build your immune system is

When you order the herbal bundle. Herbastat will enclose 30 nutritional smoothie recipes that will guide you through your daily Lyme walk. Eventually you will pick and choose what works for you.

These recipes are gathered from several Lyme sufferers over the years thankfully they live pain free and we also followed The Gerson Thareapy. Gerson Therapy is a very well documented and quite controversial nutrition programmed designed for cancer patients and disease. cure lyme disease was designed many years ago and is recognized as a miracle “cure” world wide.
The second which is just as important as the first.
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